Husband Kills Wife with Explosive Sex Toy


An explosive sex session ended with a bang when a man used an ornamental mortar bomb on his wife — who died during their drunken romp.

Ruben Valera Cornejo was arrested on suspicion of murder after cops said he inserted the 16-inch-long, 2.4-inch-wide mortar into his wife’s vagina.  Please to our readers: Do not try this at home.

The hubby told cops he was so drunk that he could not recall much about the episode in their home in Arequipa — other than his wife asking him to use household objects as sex toys.

Cornejo claimed he fell asleep and only realized what happened when he awoke and found the woman unresponsive.

Police reported that they found pubic hair on the bloodied mortar inside a handbag that contained other sex toys. Painkillers were also found and it is believed they were used to control the pain.

We repeat to our readers: Please no Bombs used as Sex Dildos