Jealous Boyfriend Sets Strip Club Fire


A West Virginia man that said enough was enough was charged with torching a strip club told police that he set the blaze because he did not want his girlfriend to continue dancing at the establishment that is known for naked woman and delicious homemade fried pickles that comes with a dipping sauce that the chef/dishwasher/bathroom attendant states is a family recipes.

According to police, Creio Chance Bishop, 21, yesterday attempted to burn down JB’s Gentlemen’s Club in Huntington at 3:30am.

Investigators allege that Bishop set the fire and watched it burn from across the street and even yelled at the witness that called 911. Bishop was subsequently apprehended in the parking lot of a Walmart across from the strip club.

No injuries occurred in the fire, which did minimal damage to the strip club’s exterior.

Upon his arrest, Bishop reportedly told police that he was “Heated” (Sorry couldn’t resist) and that there was a motive for the blaze: He wanted to close down JB’s as a way of keeping his girlfriend, McKayla Biedenbach, from continuing to perform at the strip joint.

Biedenbach, seen above, has worked at the club for six months, allegedly has given over 300 lap dances, 157 personal grinds and 1 accidental handjob.  Jim Reed, the strip club’s manager, said that if Bishop (pictured at left) makes bail, he could not risk keeping Biedenbach as a dancer. “He might do this again,” Reed said. “It might be worse next time.”

Charged with second-degree arson, Bishop is being held in lieu of $10,000 bail.