Police Officer shoots man armed with sword & handgun in St. Louis County


STL County Police got a call at 6:37 a.m. from the 7700 block of Harlan Avenue. Police said the caller did not specify a particular need and did not answer calls back from the 911 dispatchers.

Three police officers responded to the call, they knocked on the door and didn’t get an answer. One of the officers looked through a window, where he saw a man approaching the door with a handgun in one hand and a sword in the other.

The man opened the door and let a dog out as the officers stepped back, the dog did not go near the officers and was not injured.

The man stepped onto the porch, still holding both weapons. Officers directed him to drop them and he ignored the commands. One officer shot the man, striking him several times.

The injured man was taken to a hospital, where he underwent surgery and remained in critical and unstable condition.

Police recovered the gun and the sword; no officers were injured.