STL athlete accused of secretly recording others having sex


The St. Charles County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office charged a Lindenwood University student-athlete and our honoree PERV OF THE WEEK with three counts of felony invasion of privacy for recording people having intercourse without their knowledge.

The crimes occurred February 18, 2018, at a home in the 300 block of Droste Road.

Police said the suspect Xavier Boland, a senior at Lindenwood University, where he competes as a pole vaulter for the track and field team.

One of the victims, a woman, was visiting another man at that home and had sex with that individual. She later awoke to find Boland (Creep of the week) in the bedroom with them. She yelled at him to leave the bedroom, got dressed, and continued to yell at Boland in another part of the house.

The victim said Boland told her he’d seen her naked many times in the past. (Creep is getting Creepier) He then pulled out his phone and played a video shot from inside that bedroom, showing the woman engaged in sexual activity with the man. Boland said he had more recordings of her having sex with that man in the bedroom.

The woman suspected her male acquaintance knew of the recorded videos and went back to the bedroom to yell at him as well. The acquaintance said he didn’t know about the videos.

The woman got her things and tried to leave the house, but Boland allegedly threatened to ruin her life by publishing the videos on a public forum. The woman came back inside the residence.

Police said Boland took the woman to his bedroom and onto his bed. He then undressed her and began fondling her while she fought and kicked him. The woman was able to get out from underneath Boland and fled the residence. Boland claimed he would put the videos on YouTube.

The victim drove a few blocks to a friend’s house and called the police. Police said she filed a report with authorities and they went to the residence to contact Boland.

Boland allowed police to search his phone, which was taken to the St. Charles County Cyber Crime Task Force. Authorities found several videos on the phone. The victim identified herself on one of the videos. The video was recorded through the blinds from the outside of the home.

The male acquaintance spoke with police as well. He identified himself in two videos. Neither the woman nor her male acquaintance had any knowledge or consented to be recorded. A third victim was identified and contacted, who had a similar account as the others.

In an interview with investigators, Boland admitted to recording the victims without their approval. He also claimed the woman fabricated the sexual assault claim to get authorities to make him erase the videos.

Boland’s bond was set at $1,500.