You bought your Pumpkins from a Thief St. Louis


Peter Wolff was arrested by STL police detectives for passing a bad check in his scheme to steal $79,000 worth of pumpkins from Northern Illinois farmer Larry McGuiness.

Wolff set up a “Pumpkin Patch” next to the Romback Farms had operated and had an annual pumpkin patch for decades before shutting down in 2017. So all the people that went to Romback Farms this year to get their pumpkins ended up going to this clowns stolen pumpkin patch. Wolff had a partner write out a bad check for $27,000 to McGuiness for pumpkins. Wolff then gave the check to McGuiness, who sent another $52,000 worth of pumpkins to McGuiness before the check bounced.

The County Prosecutor’s Office has the case, but has not issued any charges yet. Wolff failed to pay employees and other suppliers.

We discovered he has a 30-year record for court judgments for non-payment in connection with companies he ran. He has hundreds of thousands of dollars in judgments for non-payments. He currently has three corporations on file in Missouri operating out of a Fenton mobile home.