Maplewood pie shop vandalized by Naked Pie Lover


A Maplewood pie shop was vandalized early Monday morning. Maplewood police said the suspect is 22-year-old Michael Brooker.

Police said they were called to Pie Oh My! on Sutton Boulevard at 5:40 a.m. Monday.

Brooker allegedly broke into the pie shop and spread jam all over himself in what appears to be some type of pie fetish (Google Asian Pie Porn).  While he was all rubbed down in coconut cream and Key Lime he began to throw the ingredients all over the shop making a huge mess.

Police said when they found him on the street he was in his boxers and smelled delicious.

He’s charged with burglary second-degree and property damage second-degree. They said he was first taken to the hospital after the incident.

After leaving the pie shop it appears Brooker also broke a window at Architectural Design Guild which is across the street, but he never got inside.

There was a red “X” left on a window, which many worried might be blood, but now they are hopeful its blackberry jam.