Watch a Squirrel carrying Cinnamon Roll robbed by another squirrel


A shocked resident passing through a parking lot captured video of squirrel on squirrel crime with a “giant” cinnamon roll being jacked of its pastry by a second squirrel with an even larger sweet tooth.

The video, filmed shows a squirrel carrying the very popular and delicious Danish through a condominium parking lot.

The squirrel’s meal proved to be short-lived when a second squirrel that was on the lookout arrives and jacks the squirrel of the popular Danish.  A crime that has shocked the squirrel community and has caused many to worry about their nuts.

“I was cruising through a condo parking lot early on a Saturday, and this Squirrel caught my eye. No one would believe this, so I whipped out my phone and caught this guy carrying a giant Danish in his mouth. He was looking for a cup of coffee I think. But a bigger squirrel stole his pastry before he had a chance to enjoy it!” the filmer wrote.