School teacher accused of snorting pills in front of kids


We usually tell you stories of teachers having sexual relations with their students.  This teacher is on the site for taking things in a different direction. A Kentucky elementary school teacher is accused of snorting drugs on her classroom desk as her young students watched.

Cherish Rednour, 41, was charged Thursday with public intoxication, possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia for the alleged incident at Menifee Elementary School.

Rednour was arrested after two students reported seeing her crush a pill with a credit card and make a line with the substance in her classroom.

The two kids then witnessed her snort the pill and slump over her desk, police said.

Students told authorities it “appeared that it was hard for her to stay awake,” according to an arrest report.  Someone needs to tell the kids that nose candy only leads to prison and you on your knees with usually a sausage in your face as you ask for more of that hizzy for your nizzy.  Not a good route kids.  Not a good route.

Officers called to the Frenchburg school performed field sobriety tests on Rednour and noted that her pupils were dilated (#F-ed up).

Investigators also found a white residue on her desk and a MacGyver-esque tampon applicator in her bra that “resembled a very small, cut straw,” according to police.

She was arrested and booked at Montgomery County Jail, where she remains in custody.

School officials said Rednour was placed on leave pending investigation.